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SpawnLocations, or “spawns” determine where a Player respawns when they die. They can be configured to allow only certain players to use each spawn, using Team|Teams. They also control how ForceField|ForceFields are set up for newly-spawned players.

SpawnLocations can be used as checkpoints, such as in an obstacle course, using the SpawnLocation/AllowTeamChangeOnTouch property, so that when a player touches it, they will change teams to the SpawnLocation’s team. In this case, only the first Team should have Team/AutoAssignable set to true, else players will not start at the first checkpoint.

Note if a SpawnLocation is added to the Workspace in Studio with SpawnLocation/Neutral set to false a Team will be created corresponding to SpawnLocation/TeamColor if it does not already exist. This behavior does not occur when spawns are created in-game using a Script or if the properties of the SpawnLocation are changed after already being added. It is recommended that developers always set up their teams manually and not rely on this behavior.

Spawning Rules

  • When SpawnLocation/Neutral is set to false only Player|Players with Player/TeamColor matching SpawnLocation/TeamColor will respawn above it
  • When SpawnLocation/Neutral is set to true any Player can spawn above it regardless of SpawnLocation/TeamColor
  • If multiple eligible spawns are available to a Player, a random one will be chosen
  • Players will spawn at different points on top of a SpawnLocation, but currently, they may still spawn on top of each other if they spawn right after one and other




Allows a Player to join the team by touching the SpawnLocation. When set to true, if a Player character comes into contact with the SpawnLocation, the player’s Player/TeamColor will be set to SpawnLocation/TeamColor.



The length of time, in seconds, that a ForceField will be applied to a Player character spawning at this SpawnLocation. If Duration is zero, the ForceField is never created, and it will not trigger the Instance/DescendantAdded or Instance/ChildAdded events.



Sets whether or not the SpawnLocation is enabled. When disabled players cannot spawn at the SpawnLocation and the AllowTeamChangeOnTouch functionality is disabled.



Whether or not a SpawnLocation is affiliated with a specific team. This means that any Player, of any Team, can spawn on it if this property is set to true.



Sets what team the SpawnLocation is affiliated to. If SpawnLocation/Neutral property is false, only Players with the same Player/TeamColor as the spawn’s TeamColor will be able to spawn there.