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A SoundGroup is used to manage the volume and effects on multiple Sounds at once. Every sound in the sound group will have its volume adjusted by the group’s SoundGroup/Volume property. If the SoundGroup has any SoundEffects as children, those effects will be applied to all of the Sounds in the group.

The SoundGroup/Volume property acts as a multiplier, and thus sounds in a SoundGroup will retain their relative volumes when it is set. This means if a sound’s volume is 0.5 and it is assigned to a SoundGroup with a volume of 0.5, its effective volume will be 0.25.

Grouping sounds of the same category has several uses for developers. One common usage of a sound group is to assign all of the music that can play in game to a SoundGroup called “music.” Players could then easily toggle all music on or off.

Setting sound groups

A Sound is added to a SoundGroup by setting the Sound/SoundGroup property of the Sound. A Sound can only be in one SoundGroup at a time. Whilst they can be parented elsewhere, it is recommended to keep SoundGroups parented to the SoundService. In the below example, a sound is parented to a SoundGroup called ‘Music’.

Sound.SoundGroup = game:GetService("SoundService"):FindFirstChild("Music")




The volume multiplier applied to Sounds that are in the SoundGroup. This value ranges from 0 to 10.