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A type of BasePart that a player character can ‘sit’ in. When a character touches an enabled Seat object, it will be attached to the part by a Weld and the default character scripts will play a sitting animation.

How do Seats work?

When a model containing a Humanoid and a BasePart called ‘HumanoidRootPart’ (generally a player character) touches a seat, a Weld is created between the seat and the part. The JointInstance/C0|C0 and JointInstance/C1|C1 properties are configured so that the character is welded 2 studs above the seat. This weld is named ‘SeatWeld’ and parented to the seat.

When sitting the Seat/Occupant property is set to the Humanoid that is ‘sitting’ in the seat. Furthermore the Humanoid/SeatPart property of the humanoid is set to the seat.

A character can also be forced to sit in a seat using the Seat/Sit function.

There are two ways for a character to get out of a seat. When a player jumps, they are removed from the seat. However this can also be done manually by destroying the seat weld, for example:


Note seats have a cooldown (currently 3 seconds) that is on a per-character per-seat basis. This means once a character has gotten out of a seat they cannot sit back on the same seat for 3 seconds. This cooldown behavior may change and should not be relied upon by developers.

What can Seats be used for?

Seats have a diverse range of uses, ranging from the obvious to the more unconventional.

  • Creating chairs or benches without the need for any programming
  • Allowing characters to ‘sit’ in moving objects such as vehicles without getting flung around
  • Creating interfaces that are controlled by the character in the seat using the Seat/Occupant property




Whether or not the seat is usable. If set to true, the seat will act as a normal part.



[ReadOnly] [NotReplicated]

The humanoid that is sitting in the seat



Sit ( Instance humanoid )

Forces the character with the specified Humanoid to sit in the Seat.