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A Pose holds the CFrame applied to the Motor6D connected to its associated BasePart. The part which is controlled depends on the name of the Pose.

Poses are the fundamental building blocks of animations and, with Keyframes, make up KeyframeSequences.

Poses, joints and hierarchy

Although a Pose is assigned to a BasePart by name, the object manipulated during animation playback is actually the Motor6D connected to this part. Animation rigs branch out from the model’s root part through such joints.

As an example. In a R15 character rig the root part is the HumanoidRootPart. The LowerTorso is connected to the HumanoidRootPart by the a motor named ‘Root’. Therefore, the CFrame of a Pose named ‘LowerTorso’ in a Keyframe would be applied to the motor named ‘Root’, and not the LowerTorso itself.

Poses are arranged in a Keyframe based on joint hierarchy. This means, the Pose’s CFrame is applied to the motor connecting the part associated with the pose to the part associated with the pose’s parent. See below for a visual example of the structure of Poses on a R15 character.

Pose CFrame

The Roblox animation system applies Pose/CFrame to the corresponding Motor6D by manipulating the relative transformation of the motor, the Motor6D/Transform property. The original JointInstance/C1|C0 and JointInstance/C1|C1 values are not changed.




The CFrame that will be applied to the Motor6D corresponding with the Pose. This CFrame is applied by changing the Motor6D\Transform property of the motor.



The EasingDirection determines the ‘direction’ of the interpolation style set by Pose/EasingStyle. Along with Pose/EasingStyle, it determines how the joint will interpolate from this Pose to the subsequent Pose during animation playback.



The EasingStyle determines the ‘style’ of the interpolation. Along with Pose/EasingDirection, it determines how the joint will interpolate from this Pose to the subsequent Pose during animation playback.





AddSubPose ( Instance pose )

This function adds a sub Pose to the Pose by parenting it to it.


GetSubPoses ( )

This function returns an array containing all sub Poses that have been added to a Pose.


RemoveSubPose ( Instance pose )

This function removes a sub Pose from the Pose by parenting it to nil.