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The Pants object displays shirts on a character model. Pants are items of clothing that cover the legs and torso of the character based on a predefined texture uploaded to Roblox.

How do Pants work?

Pants only have one property, Pants/PantsTemplate. This is a content ID pointing to the pant’s texture on the Roblox website.

A Pants object parented to a model will display the pants on the model provided a Humanoid is present and the limbs required for the pants corresponding with the humanoid’s Humanoid/RigType exist.

Note if multiple Pants objects are present in a model only one will be shown. However both a Shirt and Pants object will be shown together with the shirt drawn on top (as pants also cover the torso).

Pants automatically load onto new characters spawning based on the Player/CharacterAppearance property.

How do I make Pants?

In order to make a pants a texture (image) determining what will be displayed on what limbs needs to be uploaded to the Roblox website. For more information, please see this tutorial.




Determines the texture of the Pants. The content ID link pointing to the pants template hosted on the Roblox website.