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A compressor is used to reduce the dynamic range of audio by moving the highs and lows of a signal closer together. It does this by lowering the volume of the highest parts of a source while at the same time raising the overall volume. This type of effect is useful when you have many sounds playing and you want to make sure the quieter ones are still audible. This effect can be applied to either an individual sound or to a sound group by parenting it to the desired instance.

Like all other SoundEffect, a ChorusSoundEffect can be applied either to a Sound or SoundGroup by being parented to either.

A compressor has several properties which determine how it works. The CompressorSoundEffect/Threshold is the audio level where the compressor will start to lower the volume. As soon as the source goes below the threshold, the compressor will stop lowering the volume.

The CompressorSoundEffect/Attack determines how long it takes for the compressed effect to fully apply. After the threshold has been crossed the compressor will lower the volume over time until the desired ratio has been reached. It will take the time specified by Attack to reach this ratio.

The CompressorSoundEffect/Release determines how long it takes for the compressor to remove its effect. After the volume of the source is under the threshold, the compressor will restore the volume back to the original over the time specified by Release.

Along with lowering the volume when the sound has passed the threshold, a compressor will also amplify the entire sound (after any threshold lowering has taken effect). This allows quieter sounds to be amplified while louder sounds can stay about the same. The CompressorSoundEffect/GainMakeup determines how much the effect amplifies the sound.




The time the effect takes to become active after its Threshold has be reached.



The overall amplification applied to the effect’s Sound or SoundGroup after attenuation of sounds above the threshold.



The ratio between the CompressorSoundEffect/SideChain sound effect, and this sound effect.



The time the effect takes to become inactive after its sound is below the Threshold.



Applies a ducking effect to the compressor sound effect.

The behavior of the sidechain depends on the `Sound` or `SoundGroup` linked to it.



Volume level at which point the compressor applies its effect.