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The BlockMesh object applies a ‘brick’ mesh to the BasePart it is parented to. It behaves identically to a SpecialMesh with SpecialMesh/MeshType set to ‘brick’.

What does a BlockMesh do?

A BlockMesh gives the BasePart it was applied to a brick shaped mesh. It is identical in appearance to a standard Roblox Part.

The dimensions of the mesh will scale linearly in all directions with BasePart/Size, this means a part containing a BlockMesh can be resized the same way as any other part.

The additional functionality a BlockMesh brings however, is the ability to set the DataModelMesh/Scale and DataModelMesh/Offset properties. These allow the position and dimensions of the mesh that is displayed to be changed without changing the BasePart/Position or BasePart/Size of the BasePart the mesh is parented to.

Note as the BlockMesh object does not include a texture the DataModelMesh/VertexColor property does not do anything.