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Roblox Game Settings

Roblox Game Settings

Feb 14 2019, 7:05 PM PST

This article outlines the Studio-level settings for Roblox games, including options for game accessibility, promotion, player avatars, and more.

Accessing Game Settings

To access game settings, click on the Game Settings button from the Home tab of Roblox Studio:

Once open, you’ll see three tabs on the left side of the window: Basic Info, Avatar, and Options.

Basic Info

The Basic Info tab contains options for general game settings, accessibility, the game icon, screenshots/videos, supported devices, etc.

Setting Description
Name The game title that players see.
Description The game description that players see.
Playability Controls the audience who can access the game.
Game Icon Lets you upload a game icon. For tips on creating icons, see articles/Game Icons Tips|Designing Game Icons.
Screenshots & Videos Lets you upload promo images/videos. For tips, see articles/Thumbnail|Game Thumbnails and Videos.
Genre The game's basic genre.
Playable Devices Sets which device types the game can be played on.


The Avatar tab offers several settings for player avatars, including the ability to restrict certain avatar aspects to your specifications.

Setting Description
Presets Sets the options lower in the window to various presets, which can then be adjusted individually.
Avatar Type Morph to Articles/r6 vs r15 avatars|R6, Articles/r6 vs r15 avatars|R15, or let players decide.
Animation Use default avatar animations or let players use custom animations. See the articles/using animations in games|Using Animations in Games article for more info.
Collision Use fixed size collision boxes or dynamic size collision boxes.
Scale Sets the proportions for various aspects of player avatars.
Body Parts Allows you to force specific body parts upon all players by asset ID, or let them keep their own avatar parts.
Clothing Allows you to force specific clothing upon all players by asset ID, or let them keep their own avatar clothing.


The Options tab includes game settings which are typically reserved for special situations.

Setting Description
Allow HTTP Requests Allow game servers to issue requests to remote servers via HttpService.