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Roblox Diagnostics Window

Roblox Diagnostics Window

Jul 03 2018, 10:33 AM PST 2 min

The Roblox diagnostics window shows feedback about your current computer status while it is running Roblox. This is accessed by going to View -> Diagnostics in the Roblox Studio.


You can also view a GUI diagnostics window in any game by holding down Alt + F1, Ctrl + F1 or Shift + F1. In addition, multiple other diagnostic windows, all showing different things, can be viewed by using the keys Shift + F2 - F6 or by going into the Tools -> Stats menu in Studio and selecting what you wish to view.

What is the Diagnostics Window good for?

The diagnostics window doesn’t have a ton of uses. However, it can be used for various things such as the ones listed below.

  • Viewing the number of parts
  • Identifying how much lag your place has
  • Identifying memory use of your game
  • Showing your settings
  • Allowing the Roblox administrators and developers to help debug the game and identify problems

Contacts, primitives, etc.

  • Contacts are when a part is touching another part.
  • Primitives are objects (like parts). This is the brick count.
  • Moving Prims are primitives (bricks) that are moving.
  • Timing: Physics is the frame rate of physics. This should be around 30.
  • Timing: Rendering is the frame rate of the game. This should be around 60.
  • debugging
  • performance