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Model a Tree Using Parts

Model a Tree Using Parts

Jun 26 2018, 12:13 PM PST 3 min

In this tutorial we will use the basic Studio tools to create a tree.

We’ll start by inserting a Part to use as the trunk of the tree. Click on the Part button on the Home tab.


Use the Scale tool make the part narrow:



And then tall:


Now we will use a sphere for the leaves on the top of the tree. Click on the arrow under the Part button and select Sphere:


Make the sphere larger using the Scale tool and dragging on the green handle:


Now move the sphere on top of the part we made earlier. If you find dragging the sphere difficult, try using the Move tool.



The shape of the tree is done, but to finish it we need to color it in and give the parts a better material. To give the trunk a color: Click on the trunk, then click on the arrow under the Color tool, and then pick one of the brown colors. To make the trunk a wooden texture, do the same thing, but with the Material tool and Wood.

ColorTool.png MaterialTool.png

Next, select the sphere. Using the Color and Material tools again, change the sphere to be green and change the material to Grass.


You may notice when playing a game with this tree that the top sphere can easily be pushed by the character. To make sure that it doesn’t move, select the sphere and then click on the Anchor button. This will prevent the sphere from moving. You can anchor the trunk of the tree as well to make sure it also doesn’t move.

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