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Mesh Parts: Troubleshooting

Mesh Parts: Troubleshooting

Jul 30 2018, 6:35 PM PST 2 min

With mesh importation, there are many errors that can occur. A lot of these error are caused by a misunderstanding of what Roblox allows on importation. The following are some of the errors that can occur, and an overview of how to fix them. Many of these fixes require a 3D editing application and the knowledge of how to use it.

Multiple Meshes

Multiple meshes detected! The meshes were joined together, and textures may now be incorrect.

Currently Studio importation only supports one mesh per upload. If you want multiple meshes, try opening up the fbx file in a 3d editing application and separating the mesh into multiple fbx files. After you have done this, upload each one individually.

Contains Rigging/Animation Data

Animation data detected! Studio does not support animation data. You may experience issues if the mesh is dependent on the initial position of the animation data.

Studio does not currently support animation or rigging data importation. If your mesh is reliant on an initial transformation based on animation/rigging data, this will not be perserved, and your mesh may look incorrect. To fix this, open the mesh in a 3D editing application and remove the animation/rigging nodes before attempting upload again.

Multiple Textures

Multiple textures detected! We only allow one texture per MeshPart which may now result in the mesh texture not looking correct.

Multiple textures are usually used when multiple meshes are present, so that each mesh gets it’s own texture. Since we do not support multiple meshes, we do not support multiple textures. We will automatically take the first texture present. To fix this issue, remove unused textures referenced from a 3d editing application.

Out of Bound UVs

UV's are out of texture bounds. Texture will be repeated over mesh and may now not look correct.

UVs map the location of the texture to a position on the mesh. UVs outside of the bounds of the texture are drawn as if they are still within the texture. This will result in a tiled texture, and may not have been originally intended by the creator. This can be fixed by remapping the mesh with UVs inside the bounds of zero and one.

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