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Developer Console

Developer Console

Jun 28 2018, 9:01 AM PST 5 min


When testing and games, it’s useful to see the output and errors the game creates. When running in Roblox Studio, the Output window shows all of these messages, but when testing on an online server, these messages should be accessed using the developer console.

Opening the Console

There are various ways to open the developer console:

Platform / Device Method
Windows Press F9
Mac Hold down Fn and press F9
Mobile (phone or tablet) Type /console into the chat

Local Console and Server Console

Roblox games run two types of scripts: LocalScript|LocalScripts and Script|Scripts. The basic difference is:

  • A LocalScript runs on client machines (the computer the player is using) and any output of local scripts will show in the local console.
  • A Script (server script) runs on Roblox’s servers. Output from server scripts in your game will show in the server console.

Anyone running a game can see local messages (messages produced on the client machine). Only the creator of a game can see the server console.

Console Filters

Pressing the gear icon in the console will show additional options, namely filters. The console typically shows all messages, but if you want to toggle whether types of messages are visible or not, click the corresponding color.

White Output message Messages generated by calls to the print() function in the game’s scripts.
Blue Informational message Messages that are generated by the game that aren’t errors or custom output statements.
Orange Warning message These messages indicate a potential problem that is not a critical issue.
Red Error message These messages indicate that something critical has happened!

Console Command Bar

In the Server Log tab, you can access a command bar that lets you run arbitrary Lua code in your game. Since it’s in the server console, only the owner of the place can access it.

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