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Jul 12 2018, 8:25 PM PST 5 min

Roblox offers JSON-formatted catalog and item data for use in custom desktop and browser applications.

Getting catalog items

Catalog items can be obtained in both JSON and HTML format.

Example format

Here is an example of the Cuter Fox item returned in JSON format:

{"AssetId": 66747327,
"Name": "Cuter Fox",
"Url": "/Cuter-Fox-item?id=66747327",
"PriceInRobux": "50",
"Updated": "4 months ago",
"Favorited": "0 times",
"Sales": "0",
"Remaining": "",
"Creator": "Roblox",
"CreatorUrl": "/User.aspx?ID=1",
"PrivateSales": "",
"PriceView": 2,
"BestPrice": "",
"ContentRatingTypeID": 0,
"AssetTypeID": 8,
"CreatorID": 1,
"CreatedDate": "\/Date(1322616958803)\/",
"UpdatedDate": "\/Date(1322701833910)\/",
"IsForSale": true,
"IsPublicDomain": false,
"IsLimited": false,
"IsLimitedUnique": false,
"MinimumMembershipLevel": 1}

Notes on various fields


This is in UTF-8 format.

CreatedDate and UpdatedDate

This is in UTC format.

PrivateSales, BestPrice

These will be empty except for limited edition items, in which case they will return the number of private sellers and the best price for the item, respectively.


  • 0 = Any membership
  • 1 = Builders Club only
  • 2 = Turbo Builders Club only
  • 3 = Outrageous Builders Club only


  • 0 if it does not have a content rating type
  • 1 if it’s a 13+ rated item.


See asset types for a complete list of possible values.


This is mostly used by the website to display prices.
The options are

  • Free = 0,
  • Collectible = 1,
  • HasPrice = 2,
  • NotForSale = 3

How to fetch it

The URL is https://search.roblox.com/catalog/json?(params), where the parameters (params) are a serialized query object identical to that used on the catalog page. To see examples of the query object in action, look at the catalog page’s URL. Requests to the old URL (www.roblox.com/catalog/json) will be automatically redirected.

Query object

Type Name Description
byte[] Gears Takes either the gear category IDs or bitmasks depending on the state of production. The current categories are: Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Explosive Items, Power Ups, Navigation Enhancers, Musical Instruments, Social Items.
byte[] Genres Takes either the genre IDs or bitmasks depending on the state of production. The current genres are All Genres, Town and City, Medieval, Science Fiction, Fighting, Horror, Naval, Adventure, Sports, Comedy, Western, Military, Skate Park, Building, FPS, RPG. The recommended approach to filtering on genres is to match the URL of a catalog page.
byte Subcategory The options are Featured=0, All, Collectibles, Clothing, BodyParts, Gear, Models, Decals, Hats, Faces, Packages, Shirts, Tshirts, Pants, Heads, Audio, RobloxCreated.

Body parts are mapped to heads, faces, and packages. Clothing is mapped to hats, shirts, tshirts, and pants. Collectibles are mapped to hats, gear, and faces. Featured to hats, faces, gear, and packages.

All subcategories are mapped to a menu on the catalog webpage except for the subcategory RobloxCreated, which is mapped to hats, faces, heads, gear, and packages.

The default is All.

byte Category The options are Featured=0, All, Collectibles, Clothing, BodyParts, Gear, Models, Plugins, Decals, Audio The default is All.
byte CurrencyType The options are All=0, Robux, Free. The default is All.
byte SortType The options are Relevance=0, MostFavorited, Bestselling, RecentlyUpdated, PriceLowToHigh, PriceHighToLow The default is Relevance.
byte AggregationFrequency The options are PastDay=0, PastWeek ,PastMonth, AllTime.
string Keyword Your standard keyword search.
long CreatorID Enter the userID of the user you're interested in (for example, 1 for Roblox). If you'd like to find group-created items, enter the group agent ID, not the group ID.
int PxMin The minimum amount of robux that an item can be priced in the query.
int PxMax The maximum amount of robux that an item can be priced in the query.
bool IncludeNotForSale Includes items that have had a price but are not available to take currently, whether they are off sale or prizes.
int ResultsPerPage By default this is the same as what's currently shown on each catalog browse page. You can't enter a ResultsPerPage bigger than this maximum amount.
int PageNumber Enter this page number in conjunction with ResultsPerPage to page through your results.

Example endpoint hits

This URL will take 10 items of the subcategory RobloxCreated sorted by most recently updated.

This URL will return the first gear item as sorted by relevance as seen on the catalog’s regular browse page for all gear.

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