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Sets the height at which falling BaseParts (and their ancestor Models) are destroyed.

What happens to falling parts?

For performance reasons, Roblox automatically destroys (using Instance/Destroy) BaseParts that fall below this value. This is to prevent BaseParts that have fallen off the map from continuing to fall forever.

If a BasePart destroyed due to this behavior is the last BasePart in a Model, then that Model will also be destroyed. This applies to all Model ancestors of the BasePart.

This property can be read by scripts, but can only be set by plugins, the command bar or the properties window in Roblox Studio.


  • Developers should also use the Debris service to clean up parts that are no longer needed, but have not fallen off the map
  • This property is clamped between -50,000 and 50,000. This is because BaseParts do not simulate or render properly at a great distance from the origin due to floating point inaccuracies