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The GetDeviceRotation function returns an InputObject and a DataType/CFrame that describes the device’s current rotation vector.

This is fired with an InputObject, which has type Enum.InputType.Gyroscope (Enum/InputType), and position that shows total rotation in each local device axis.

To check if a user’s device has an enabled gyroscope, check the value of UserInputService/GyroscopeEnabled.

Since it only fires locally, it can only be used in a LocalScript.


Return Type Summary

A tuple containing two properties:

  1. The delta property describes the amount of rotation that last happened.
  2. The CFrame is the device’s current rotation relative to it’s default reference frame.

Code Samples


This example prints the current CFrame of a players device. Note that this will only work as expected if the player’s device has an enabled gyroscope.