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IsInGroup sends a request to the Roblox website asking whether a player is a member of a group, given the ID of that group.

This method will caches results, so multiple calls of Player/IsInGroup on the same player with the same group ID will yield the same result as when the method was first called with the given group ID. The caching behavior is on a per-peer basis: a server does not share the same cache as a client. Therefore, calling this method from a LocalScript may yield more up-to-date results.


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Code Samples

How to Check if a Player is in a Group

The below example will print “Player is in the Roblox Fan club!” if the newly added player is in the group with a groupId of 7.

   if newPlayer:IsInGroup(7) then                    
      print "Player is in the Roblox Fan club!"