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IsLegal returns true if the badge is associated with the current game.

Badges can only be awarded from a place that is part of the game associated with the badge. This means, for example, a developer cannot award a badge associated with another developer’s game.

Note that even if IsLegal returns true, a badge may still not be award-able. For example, it may be disabled. For more information on the criteria for awarding badges see BadgeService/AwardBadge|AwardBadge.


Name Type Default Description

The badge ID of the badge.


Return Type Summary

True if the badge is associated with the current game.

Code Samples

BadgeService AwardBadge

This code sample includes a simple function for awarding a badge.

    local BadgeService = game:GetService("BadgeService")
    local function awardBadge(player, badgeId)
    	-- check badge can be awarded
    	if BadgeService:IsLegal(badgeId) and not BadgeService:IsDisabled(badgeId) then
    		-- award badge
    		BadgeService:AwardBadge(player.UserId, badgeId)