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Welcome to the Roblox API Reference Manual

Welcome to the Roblox API Reference Manual

Roblox is a platform on which anyone can bring their imagination to life, by building rich, immersive 3D experiences. To do so, developers use Roblox Studio to build places, structures, and machines, modify terrain, animate characters, and define the behaviors and mechanics of the world using code.

The API Reference Manual documents all of the classes, data-types, enumerations, functions, events, callbacks, and properties that comprise the API developers use to define the behaviors of their worlds.

New to Roblox Development?

If you are new to Roblox development, we recommend you get started by familiarizing yourself with Studio by consulting our Getting Started Guide, or by participating in our Creator Challenge.

Frequently Used APIs

If you are a returning developer you might be looking for one of most frequently viewed references:

  • ClickDetector
  • Humanoid
  • Instance
  • LocalScript
  • Model
  • ModuleScript
  • Mouse
  • Part
  • Player
  • Script
  • Tool
  • RunService
  • UserInputService
  • Workspace

Lua Documents

We also have pages describing the built in libraries, functions, and variables available for you to use in Roblox’s implementation of Lua!

Built-in Functions & Variables

Lua Libraries

Providing Feedback

If you find a problem with our documentation, find something unclear, or have a question, please consider joining the community and let us know in our forums.